Air Conditioning Hacks For Efficient Car Cooling

Living in a hot region, car owners know car air conditioners are their saviour while driving. Even a decade ago, car AC was not a common thing, but nowadays, most models are manufactured with one. Just as the temperature increases, you want maximum cooling from your car.

Car air conditioners are necessary, and they will be getting a workout when there is scorching heat outside. How efficiently your AC will work depends on a few factors. Below, find some tips that will help increase the cooling rate to make your riding experience comfortable.

Parking Your Car Under A Shade Drastically Reduces The Interior Temperature

Your car air conditioner will work hard and put a lot of strain on reducing the temperature faster when the car is too hot. This usually happens when you leave the car under the sun for a long time. As you would be using your air conditioner every time you drive, air con recharge Leamington Spa is essential to help it function properly.

Opt for a shade where the car interiors will not get extremely hot. You can also wait for the interiors to cool down before switching on the AC because too much strain also increases fuel consumption. Using a shade protects the paint of your car.

Pre-Cooling Is Not Always A Great Idea

Pre-cooling is when you let the AC on even when not driving to cool down the interiors. This might seem harmless, but consuming a lot more fuel and taking a lot more time. However, when you drive, the air conditioning system will work faster as a faster engine equals to faster compressor run.

If the car interior is way too hot after keeping under direct sunlight, you can switch on the fan. This will help in blowing out the hot air. But make sure the rear windows are open for a maximum of 30 seconds, do not use the front cabin windows to allow hot air to come out. This will result in hot air coming out from the front only. Ultimately, switch on the AC.

Do Not Increase The Cooling Temperature

You can efficiently cool down your car by setting for the lowest temperature and then cranking up the fan. It will make the surrounding less dry and also help you save on fuel. Usually, the temperature is cooled to 38 degrees. Setting it higher will force the system to reheat the air, consuming more fuel.

Rather than switching on the AC first thing after getting inside the car, you can drop your windows down and pump out the maximum hot air. If your vehicle comes with a sunroof, open that too.

Using Your Ac’s Recirculation Mode

Most cars are equipped with recirculation mode. The mode ensures that your air conditioner will not pull air from outside but use the hot air present inside your car. As a result, it helps with faster cooling, and you do not have to put in the extra effort.

After you have reached your destination, switch off the AC first and then shut down your car’s engine. Next, start the fan for a few seconds so that any moisture could evaporate and your car stays dry. Air con recharge Leamington Spa helps you maintain your air conditioner during the summer months efficiently and, it should be done frequently.

Besides the above tips, you must keep your air ventilation filters clean and replace them if there is a hole or you have been using them for years. The filter clears away any dirt from the air before it enters your car cabin. By cleaning the filters frequently, you will be maintaining hygiene as well. Next, check the refrigerant level with professional help.

These tips will effectively help in enjoying maximum cooling. Get your car’s AC servicing done every six months and annually to extract maximum cooling and enjoy a contented summer ride.

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