How a Fuel Card Could Save Your Business Money?

Do you spend a lot of time on the road? Well, then your petrol costs (given the current geopolitical situation) are hiking with every mile! Though many regular road users are looking to swap their petrol/diesel vehicles with electric ones, the EV format vehicles are comparatively expensive, and currently, the UK/Europe infrastructure does not support the same. Hence, you must ensure that while filling up your tanks – every penny must count! Enter – Esso Fuel Cards! With its fixed pricing offers and a range of discounts, you can save up on your cash! 

As you scroll down this article, you will get a fair idea about how this card will save your business hefty money, its various types, and how to choose the correct fuel card. Here are the specifics – 

How Esso Fuel Cards will save you money? 

You can make multiple payments (from fuel to toll taxes), and all of them will show up in a single invoice! When you have an Esso Fuel Card for your business, then you will be able to save money by – 

  • Saving money at the pumps 

You need Esso Fuel Cards to save money at the pumps!! Let us summarise it for you – when you choose a particular fuel card, you opt for a specific supplier. This loyalty is rewarded by you getting the same amount of diesel for a lower price vis-a-vis other customers without fuel cards. To this ‘bond of loyalty’ is added a range of discounts and Nectar club points that make these cards extremely cost-effective in nature. 

  • Additional convenience during refueling 

The second-way fuel cards from Esso help your business save money is by – allowing flexibility when the fleet is in for refueling. From changing routes to re-planning the whole journey, these fuel cards support them through their wide network coverage.  

  • Administrative hassle reduced 

As you may have already noted, these cards function on a singular weekly/monthly invoice system. Hence, the range of administrative backlogs is reduced comparatively. Apart from that, the other paperwork (such as those associated with pumps or toll taxes) are also condensed into a single format and streamlined for your benefit. So, rather than withdrawing cash, submitting bills, and hanging around for your VAT receipts – you have it all in one!

  • No interest when it comes to purchases 

Another key area wherein fuel cards can help your business cut back some additional costs is by – paying no interest while purchasing. You must have heard of hidden charges. For the unversed, these charges are the additional amount that you pay over the ‘quoted price.’ However, regarding Esso Fuel Cards, you have to pay only the quoted amount and no additional charge (or interest fee) as it is known. This saves you a lump sum amount. 

  • Enhanced security 

The ultimate and perhaps the biggest benefit that Esso Fuel Cards brings to your business is improving the security levels. Higher security, better business deals, and more money! Let us break that down for you – when you have a fuel card for your business fleet, then all the associated road transactions are streamlined. It is a ‘one-card-pays-it-all’ format. Hence, the chances of any fraudulent transaction or your fleet being held up due to some monetary glitch are almost nullified. Naturally, your business will flow smoothly, and you will make higher profits. 

These are some of the fundamental ways Esso Fuel Cards can help save your business money. 

What are the different types of Esso fuel cards? 

Assuming you have been reading this post well, you now know how Esso Fuel Cards can help you save money. Now, the next question that automatically pops into your mind is – which card? As you know, Esso has a National fuel card and one for the European territory. Let us give you the details – 

  • Esso Europe Fuel Card 

If your fleet operates within the European domain (from cars to HGVs), this is the card to opt for. It is acceptable in over 21 countries within Europe, and it has no ‘minimum’ spending requirement benchmark. Additionally, you can use this to buy fuel at a certain point in time and then pay up later (even applicable for toll payments). Regarding the invoice, you would get the data online every week. 

  • Esso National Fuel Card 

Are you looking to operate your fleet in the UK? Then you can surely choose the National version of this fuel card. You can use this card even at Shell and BP pump stations (thanks to the partnership deal), and it includes club points from the Nectar card as well. What’s more? These cards offer competitive prices and have the option of weekly fuel prices. Hence, you can plan your business journeys well in advance, and despite the constantly changing prices, your costs will not be altered for the specified period. 

How will professionals help choose the right fuel card? 

This is where you must consult a professional. As you have already seen, multiple cards come with a variety of benefits. At times, some of the offers seem to overlap with the other set of benefits. In such cases, it is only natural that you would get confused. However, professionals know which fuel card is best for you! 

  • The set of professionals who have been in this business for a considerable period study your business domain and then accordingly figure out which card suits your requirement the most. 
  • Also, once the filtering of the correct fuel cards is over, they narrow down the administrative hurdles for you. Rather than running here and there, the paperwork will be streamlined by them, and they will be doing what is needed to get the fuel card on your behalf. 

All you have to do is – find the correct set of individuals who not only know the market scenario but also can align your demands it. Along with that, their reputation in this domain and their ‘mode of working’ are also two crucial points you must be assured of. 

Closing thoughts 

For those running a fleet business or any other establishment wherein the usage of roadways becomes imminent, the Esso Fuel Card is one of the best options. Extremely affordable, along with a range of benefits like nectar points, bonus schemes, and discounts at pumps, these cards can help you save a humongous business money, apart from streamlining the administrative hurdles. As an aware individual, however, you need to connect with professionals who would compare the multiple cards, their offers, and schemes and then seek out the one that is the best for you! 

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