Ways to Apologize To My Girlfriend

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There may be some moments when you have fought with your girlfriend. The reasons can be several, but we don’t need to focus on the grounds. You cannot keep her upset the entire time. So how will you get her back to the way she was? How will you reduce her anger? That’s the question that most guys get confused about. However, there is no place for confusion. If you truly want to reduce her anger, you need to apologize. If the mistake were yours, it would take some time, but she will accept it anyway if you do it the right way. Let’s get into how you can apologize to her through different means. Let’s get into it then.


Make sure she’s listening.


The most challenging task is getting her to at least listen to you. So try your hardest to make her listen to what you’ve got to say about your mistake. You can try to ask her directly to listen to you. However, please don’t talk to her in anger or any such behaviour. Always be calm and soft. If both of you get angry, then it’s doom.


Explain every action


Tell her why this all happened. Tell her why it came to this that you mistakenly made her angry. Accept your mistakes and explain all the reasons for her. After all, there’s a reason for everything. Explain all your actions logically to get clear to her about how and why she got angry. At least, she will think about it, and maybe her anger will start to fade.


Let her get the angry feelings out.


It’s the most crucial part. If she’s angry, let’s show it. Even if she says that she’s okay now and not angry anymore, there’s this little corner where the anger hides. You need to kill it entirely. And for that, you can get her to shout at you or give you a punishment to finish off the anger.

Do it the old and the bold way.

In the old times, handwritten letters were widely in use. But it has changed now. People use online means to send messages. You can try the old and bold way of sending hand-written letters to her. She will love it that you are making such efforts for an apology.

Get her cake and ice cream.

Something sweet can help in your apology. You can order a cake and some ice cream for your girlfriend and eat together. Order her favourite one online; you don’t need to go to the bakery. You can also take online cake delivery in Gwalior if you reside there. You can also order ice cream the same way. You will find several websites online that would help.

Ask her out again– the way you first did

Recreate the moment when you asked her one for the first time. You can remember how you proposed to her, what words you said and what actions you did. Then make her close the eyes and do the same. She will honestly feel great, and any left-out anger will go away entirely.

Hare your true feelings.

Tell her how you felt when she got angry. Tell her how it feels to see her get back to normal and how you don’t like to be apart even due to anger. It might seem cheesy, but she would love to know that you care so much.

Get her a gift

Once it’s done, you can prepare a gift for her. Make sure it’s something that she loves or something special to you both. Such a gift can be from a bracelet, a photo frame to a box loaded with memories. You can take her out to buy a gift or give her a surprise by ordering online. Also plan a perfect birthday party and don’t forget to buy online birthday cake or personalised cakes via FlowerAura’s online cake shop.


It’s not that tough to make your girlfriend accept your apology. Although, you would have to take delicate steps and act softly without any anger. That’s why I have provided some steps through which you can at least get her anger levels down; the rest is up to you.

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