Warning Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs Immediate Tyre Fitting

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Everybody likes rolling on the wheels until the wheels begin to make your journey uncomfortable. Well-maintained tyres ensure a smooth ride as well as the safety of the driver. But conditions like scorching summer, bad road conditions, and overuse lead to a decline in tyre performance and carry a severe risk of accidents. Here is a complete guide about knowing the health status of a tyre and the solutions needed in case any issue is diagnosed.

How to know that it’s time to replace the tyres?

Tyres of a car manifest various warning signs to indicate that it’s time for a tyre fitting Birmingham.

Reduced tyre tread depth

The purpose of tyre tread is a basic physics concept. This includes maintaining optimal friction while reducing the surface area of the tyre in contact with the road. Reduced tyre tread depth reflects the worn-out condition of the tyre. Always keep yourself updated with the tread wear bars status.

These are usually invisible, but if the tread depth is less than 1/16th of an inch(The legal limit of tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm), these indicators become prominently visible. Using a tread depth measuring gauge is another method, but it requires special equipment.

Odd Vibrations  

Unusual sounds while driving indicate the improper alignment of tyres or the ramshackle condition of the tyres. Differentiate the normal sounds from the bad ones and keep the tyres in check.

Damaged surface

Bulges, blisters, sidewall cracks, and punctures are visible surface defects. Besides, factors like low-quality rubber, pressure overload, or overuse decrease the enduring capacity of the tyre. The main function of sidewalls is to provide a cushioning effect. However, blisters on the sidewall of the tyre may lead to a pressure imbalance. Continuous deflation may pose to be a severe threat if ignored and requires urgent tyre fitting.

Age of the tyre

The shelf life of a tyre is 5-6 years, depending on the product and brand. When buying a new vehicle, make sure to check the documents related to tyre maintenance. Usually, the date of manufacture is written on the sidewall of the tyre.

How to get tyre fitting done? 

Tyre fitting is usually done by a professional, but in case of non-availability, even you can do it. But doing that by self comes with its consequences.

Instruments you need for tyre fitting for your Yokohamatyres Birmingham

  1.  A spare tyre
  2.  Car Jack
  3.  Jack stand
  4. Tyre spreader
  5. Wheel wrench with extension bar

Step by step guide to tyre fitting by yourself

Step 1: The car should be parked in a safe spot. Apply first gear and a handbrake to prevent the movement of your car.

Step 2: Begin by loosening wheel bolts with a cross wrench. Strong muscle power tends to loosen the complete set of wheel bolts quickly.

Step 3: Settle the position of the jack as indicated in the car. If you face any problem, the owner’s manual may help you in the situation.

Step 4: Jack the car up high enough to not touch the ground, at least 6-inches above the ground.

Step 5: Remove all the loosened wheel bolts by using a cross wrench. Remove the wheel from the hub using a tyre spreader and memorise that position.

Step 6: Clean off dirt and rust from the hub. Ensure that the new tyre has the same diameter as that of the rims.

Step 7: Check the status of the tyre bead, and lubricate the beads and rim with a recommended lubricant. Now mount the spare tyre and tighten the wheel bolts by about half a turn using a cross wrench.

Step 8: Lower down the jack to make it touch the ground.

Step 9: Now, fix the wheel bolts completely with a torque wrench.

Step 10: Level down the car and remove the jack. Recheck that wheel has been mounted in the correct position with the correct direction of tread patterns.

Benefits of a Mobile tyre fitting

  1. No trips to the garage
  2. Saves time and hassle
  3. Reliable in case of emergency breakdown
  4. Doorstep service by professionals
  5. Convenient and flexible working hours for the customers
  6. Easy appointment booking and payment options.

Make sure you do not change the different tyres of your car within long intervals. This could result in a disbalance and not so great rides.

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