Why Cisco UC Is Key to A Successful Hybrid Workplace

Cisco Unified Communications

All across the world, the way people work has drastically changed in the recent past. Thanks to the changing technology and networking tools, the demand for collaborative tools has been on the rise. As more members of the team are working from home or remote locations, organisations have to think outside the box to provide them with the tools they need. That’s where a unified communication system such as Cisco UC comes into the picture. It solves complex deployment challenges to integrate IP telephony for voice calls, web and video conferencing, voice mail, desktop sharing, instant messaging, mobility, and more.

The unified communication system integrates all these tools and provides management, support, and a seamless experience. Real-time communications from various devices together with messaging and chats. Everything is integrated with daily business applications through APIs, thereby enabling people to work from anywhere, and on any device at any time.

Why is Cisco Unified Communications an Ideal Choice?

Cisco is not only one of the leading Unified Communications providers but also has all the capabilities required by businesses in a UC system such as telephony, collaboration, hybrid, and management. It also assesses existing market solutions to address these needs effectively. Let us now consider the benefits of using Cisco UC.

Key Benefits of Cisco Unified Communications

There are three key benefits that Cisco UC brings to your organisation. These are:

  • Strong collaboration tools both for on-premises and cloud
  • Hybrid first
  • Contact centre integration

Strong Collaboration Tools

It is important to have a workforce collaboration model that is immersive and responsive to improve the team’s agility and effectiveness through better self-organization, self-management, and localized decision making. Blending the basic telephony needs with Jabber and WebEx tools enables organizations to leverage an existing infrastructure supporting the telephony needs with the added flexibility that cloud-based solutions offer.

Most businesses use Cisco collaboration for enterprise voice, Jabber-based instant messaging, and video endpoints with meeting solutions from WebEx’s video conferencing capabilities. The seamless integration between the tools offers the users an enhanced teamwork experience and real-time collaboration.

Hybrid First

Most innovative capabilities are offered mainly through cloud-based services. Whether it is meeting solutions, workstream collaboration, and mobile UC, the IT experts choose a hybrid deployment model to satisfy the digital workplace expectations. Cisco UC is great at implementation and management as it offers the flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of end-users. There is no need to invest in additional infrastructure to accommodate this growth. Furthermore, Cisco’s flexible hybrid solutions offer customers premises-based solutions to integrate with the Cisco WebEx cloud. Cisco integrates premises-based UC components with cloud-based UC components to enable seamless work between the two.

Integration with Contact Centre

Cisco UC solution can be linked closer to the contact centre for improvements in customer service. A customer service agent can contact subject matter experts, and engage them in calls with customers, or have a side-line IM conversation to complete the customer transaction. It improves first-contact resolution, reduces service time, and prevents repeat contacts. This is possible through APIs, service interfaces, and development tools that facilitate customised integration of applications with the communications platform. In short, you can benefit from a combination of multichannel contact management, intelligent routing, and network-to-desktop computer telephony integration (CTI) capabilities.

In Short, the Cisco UC solution offers better user experience and adoption, flexibility in terms of management and implementation as well as supporting customer-centric initiatives. What’s more, it is scalable to meet your business growing needs in the future.

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