SAP Certification – Solidify Your Position in the IT Industry

SAP Certification is an internationally recognized certification offered by SAP to all its qualified candidates worldwide. The certification in this course offers an important boost to one’s professional career. Whether working in IT or in business, SAP is one of the most widely used systems in any industry. In recent times, companies of all sizes and across every industry are using SAP system to streamline their business processes and operations. However, for those desiring to learn more on what exactly is SAP certification, eligibility, fee structure and duration, all of the necessary facts are collated for you to have an idea on this popular training course.

In order to be a certified SAP expert, you must pass a set of professionally written and hosted SAP Certification exams. These exams are known as “examination simulators” and are designed by leading IT consulting firms such as Sybase, IBM and Placewood. Before a candidate can take the exam, he/she must be already certified with the corresponding domain Expert level or higher. These exams have been purposely designed and developed so as to be relevant for real-world business scenarios and to challenge both the previous and current SAP practitioners. They test the skills, knowledge and expertise of SAP users in an absolutely real time scenario.

To prepare for the exams, candidates have to complete the training courses offered by the authorized company partners. Candidates who pass the exams to get the recognition they deserve as SAP experts. At present, there are three different certifications offered by SAP – Master, Specialist or Business. Candidates who want to work as SAP consultants have to go through the consultancies first. Otherwise, these people are required to study the courses provided by the authorized company partner.

In the case of the Specialist or Business certification, people will receive detailed explanations of the specific domain areas in which they need further clarification. On the other hand, the educational background of SAP experts is given more importance in the case of the Business certification. More companies are requiring employees to obtain this certification because of rising competition in the market. As a result, there has been an increasing number of companies which offer comprehensive training and development programs for SAP consultants.

The primary goal of the certification is to provide employers with up-to-date information about employees who have been trained and groomed to use SAP solutions in their daily operations. Candidates who successfully complete the course and pass the exams are awarded the appropriate SAP expert status. This status is referred to as “expert status” and helps employers use them in various capacities. In addition, employers who use such certified consultants can rest assured that their systems and procedures will be in accordance with international standards. Since SAP solutions are considered as an industry standard, using a consultant who is a certified expert gives an employer access to cutting edge business technologies.

There are several learning options available for those who want to become certified. SAP Global certification is one of the most popular training programs in the world. Unlike other courses, SAP Global training offers practical experience and hands-on training through labs and real-world scenarios. During the training, students are taught how to utilize the various functionality of the ERP solution including configuration management, data extraction, integration, analysis, reporting, and deployment to enhance business processes across an enterprise.

The course content includes knowledge on configuration management, data extraction, integration, and analysis for each functional area. As part of the certification exam, students also learn about deployment and implementation for each functional area. As many as 24 modules can be taken in total, depending on the specific needs of the student. Learning options for SAP certification vary according to the level of certification attained. The higher level of certification, like expert or master, requires more comprehensive training, which is why those who wish to attain the top position in their corporate careers have great expectations from taking the exam.

SAP employees are considered experts in their field, and getting a certification is a great way to ensure that you are able to contribute your skills to the company you work for. By participating in these educational courses, you will not only be able to increase your knowledge but learn new skills as well. SAP professionals are in great demand across the globe, and with the number of technological advancements taking place every day, there is a growing need for those who have expert knowledge in a particular management system. If you want to ensure a good career for yourself in the IT industry, then it would be a wise decision to get certified so you are able to show off your abilities and get the recognition that you deserve.

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