Cowin Covid-19 Vaccine Online Registration for 18+ Citizens

Cowin Covid-19 Vaccine

28th May 2021, COVID – 19 Vaccine registration for people aged 18 and above have been started a month ago from the 28th of April 2021. The Indian government started the vaccination drive for the younger people. It is on a go in every state of India. After seeing a sudden surge in the Corona Virus cases the government decided to begin the vaccination for all the citizens aged 18 or above. Earlier, only the citizens aged 45 and above were being vaccinated. but here is everything you should know about Cowin Covid-19 Vaccine Online Registration for 18+ Citizens.

About COVID-19 in India

The surge in COVID-19 in India has left many people mourning over the deaths of family members. Almost every state in India has been under a lockdown since Mid April when the Corona Virus Cases were reaching the peak. India hit a peak of 3 lakh cases in a day in April 2021. Seeing this, the government has ordered everyone to get vaccinated, and the vaccinations have been under implementation across the country since 28th April 2021.

Vaccines are being supplied by Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech called COVAXIN and Pune based Serum Institute of India called COVISHEILD. These are the two biggest producers of vaccines in India, of which Covi-Sheild is being widely used in the United Kingdom too. By now there are almost 19.6 crores of doses given that is 3.1% of the population of India.

About Cowin Covid-19 Vaccine Online Registration

The Cowin Covid-19 Vaccine Online Registration is open on the official website of the vaccination You can sign in using your Arogya Setu app ID or using your mobile number. On the day of the beginning of the registrations within 7 hours of the registrations beginning on 28th April 2021, there were 8 million registered citizens for the vaccination

To register yourself for vaccination follow the given steps:

One: Switch on to

Two: Sign in using your mobile number or the aarogya setu app.

Three: If you are using your mobile number, enter the mobile number for with you will receive an OTP for verification.

Four: Use the OTP for verification. You are redirected to the registration page.

Five: Select the photo ID proof from the options.

Six: Enter the required details.

Seven: Click on register and you will be Cowin Covid-19 Vaccine Online Registration and a date with the vaccination centre.

India has recorded 153,485 Corona Virus cases in the last 24 hours. It is the lowest number of cases recorded in the past 48 days, since April 13, 2021. Almost 3100 deaths were recorded in the past 24 hours which remains an issue of worry.

With the current vaccination situation, there are shortages in the doses of vaccine available of the vaccines. Covisheild is being used widely as the major shortages are faced with the Cowaxin doses. It has caused the government to increase the waiting time between the first and second dose. India is yet to receive doses of SPUTNIK which is the Russian Version of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Final Words

Vaccination will not be done at any hospital without the registration. Please make sure to carry your photo ID proof through which you registered for the vaccination (Aadhar Card) and registration number when you visit the allotted vaccination centre for vaccination.

We hope that this article has provided you with all the details about Cowin Covid-19 Vaccine Online Registration for 18+ Citizens. It is recommended to our readers to get vaccinated and stay inside their homes and take full safety precautions while going out. We wish everyone safety and health.

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