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Playing games can be the easiest way to cope up with the mental pressure; online gaming has such a rage amongst many, nowadays. Especially, in this lockdown season, we have seen a surge in online gaming. Counter-Strike is one of such giants that saw a huge spike in its servers of new players during the lockdown period. Many even decided to buy csgo smurf accounts in order to play the game peacefully. CSGO is the most recognised game across the globe; it is played by adults, teenagers, children, you name it! If you have played this game before, this article may be a good time to reminisce, and bring back some memories.

And, if you have started playing this game in the lockdown period, then you might as well be running after a higher rank, am I right, or am I right? Well, I know a way through which you can build your ranking and enhance your gameplay.

One of the easiest and effective ways is to visit a smurf store where you can buy csgo accounts. The best place to buy csgo prime account is Buycsgorank; the most legitimate place for every csgo medal prime account. They are known for their authentic products that they sell at a very inexpensive range.

After the genesis of Counter- Strike in 1989, it kept on launching series after series. When it launched Counter-strike: Global Strike in 2012, it instantly became a hit, worldwide! It not only bagged everyone’s attention globally, however, also won several awards in the Esport industry. The game holds a hefty amount as a prize, no wonder, why people are so pumped up and serious about this game. If you have been playing this game for a long time, you’d know the struggles that comes with it; you cannot easily climb the highest rank easily and quickly. It is impossible to reach the highest level, quickly, unless, of course you are using a cheat code (which is illegal).

There are certain points that you should keep in mind when you’re climbing the ladder to reach the top:

  1. Profile ranking: The foremost thing you need to do before you decide to buy csgo accounts, is to ensure your profile ranking. Profile rankings play an integral role when it comes to ranking; you must win numerous rounds and levels which will help you gain XPs. As you go higher, your XP increases. If you could play in a competitive match that’s even better! Though, you must win as many rounds as possible.
  2. Competitive rankings: This level is complex than the Profile Ranking; here, being better at competitive ranking is a bit tougher than the previous one. Hence, the reason why players buy csgo medal prime accounts– for an easy access to their desired ranks, quickly. Amongst the 18 ranks, exist two other factors that determine your chances of acquiring competitive ranking. And, those two factors are:
    a.  Number of wins and losses.
    b.  MVP status.

If you are careful enough to focus on these two factors, chances are you probably would become a pro at your gaming. With a great profile and competitive rankings, you can achieve higher ranks in CSGO. You can also achieve medals after you have reached the PR 40. The ranking mechanism works on experience; you gain experience by taking parts in multiplayer battles.  

Buy csgo prime accounts at lower price

However, you can have some bonus points, as well by playing matches every week. Though, the points are limited, that’s the only drawback. You can buy csgo prime accounts if that’s what you are looking forward to. We have already mentioned the trusted website- Buycsgorank, which is a trustworthy website and mostly a genuine one. They don’t fuss around with their products. They are serious at what they do and deliver authenticity. If any inconvenience is faced by their customer they are always open 24×7 to ensure it has been resolved.

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