In What Ways Invisalign Treatment Shift or Reposition the Teeth

Invisalign Treatment

When thousands of people from every corner of the world adopted Invisalign for improving the smiles certain people are still there is a world full of perceptions. A metal brace has been the ultimate treatment option for orthodontics for over decades.

So, it is natural to feel awkward with the new innovation in the dentistry for some people. And people are only curious to know whether Invisalign can shift the teeth successfully or not! Let’s find out the answer from this blog.     

Inception of Invisalign and align technology

In case the functioning of the Invisalign is not known by you then you might not know its history as well. Only the history can confront the rise of the Invisalign is not an overnight treatment but the effort of multiple experts over the years. The motto is to proffer the orthodontic patients with ultimate teeth straightening option.

The 5 founders of Align Technology were designed Invisalign in 1997. They gather with a common objective for leveraging an outstanding technology to straighten and reposition the teeth. Invisalign has made the debut 2 years later in 1999. Since then, it has assisted millions of patients around the globe to restore their lost beautiful smile.

In what ways teeth move at the time of orthodontic treatment

The patients well-aware of the Invisalign will be referred for using aligner during treatment period. Usage of aligners is accurate for both invisible braces and Invisalign braces as both of them accomplish in achieving straight smile. In contrary to traditional braces, Invisalign is much near to that of invisible.

Even it is reasonable when it comes to shifting the teeth Guest posting sites much like conventional braces. Ultimate motto of both Invisalign and traditional braces is to perfectly align the teeth gradually over a short period of time.

In such instances, Invisalign patients have to put in into the mouth for long 22 hours on a daily basis. On another flip, people with conventional braces have no power for accelerating the outcome.

Biology basics

You should get familiar to the biology especially human anatomy to clearly understand the repositioning of the teeth using Invisalign aligner. Your teeth are connected to the jawbone via periodontal ligament made from bunch of fibres rich in collagen (a protein type). This serves like the anchor that infused the teeth to underlying bone.

Root surfaces are attached to the collagen fibres by promoting the accumulation of cementum in living cell on either bone side. The periodontal ligament fibres infused themselves safely in the jawbone. In a word, the ligament’s fibres make a sling surrounding the teeth which enable them to grip into their original place allowing limited motion during responding of the teeth to biting.

Innovation makes thing consistent

Although your smile may appear similar each time you peep yourself on the mirror yet the fact is there is consistent flux in the static appearance! To understand it in a better way you have to hypothetically think of the teeth as remodelling project that works round the clock.

Teeth are obviously dynamic but you are not only able to notice it. There will be change in the jawbone, cementum and periodontal ligament due to the intentional pressure on the teeth to reposition them. Once you bite, the resulted compression and tension will relay to the ligament via protein fibres.

As a result, deposition of the cementum will take place. On another flip, resorption will be there for the cemenetum and bone. Oppositional consequences are essential for balancing the exact teeth position and to make this treatment a grand success.

Natural processes are used for teeth relocation

Invisalign efficiently performs due to the natural occurrences in the mouth. It manipulates the compression and tension force by exerting gentle pressure on each tooth individually. The reposition of the teeth is accompanied by cementum and bone resorption resulting in the accumulation of the new bone at the new as well as original place of the particular tooth.

New Invisalign aligner set will be provided to you once in every 2 week during the whole time period of this custom-made treatment. Each one of them is designed for shifting the teeth about 0.25 mm within the first 3 days of popping them into the mouth. The process is really amazing but it refers to the periodontal ligament movement for each case.

It never promotes bone movement at all. It will shift according to the new position of the teeth to get infused into the jawbone. Each aligner set must be worn for 2 weeks to encourage the application of sufficed cementum by the ligament’s fibres to get attached to the dental bone in the newly shifted position.

The newly occupied teeth are really tough to hold on! For that assurance, you must put on the aligner for the mentioned time period at a regular basis. Otherwise, there is a great probability of reversing or relapse of the teeth movement acquired by following Invisalign treatment. In such condition, the Invisalign treatment time will get extended automatically by abandoning the chance of flashing your anticipated smile.

Make sure that you are putting on the aligner for long 22 hours to obtain its maximum impact and benefits or as per the orthodontist’s instructions. Basically, it has to be worn for long 20-22 hours daily.

For playing safe while undergoing the treatment, remove the aligner only at the time of flossing, brushing, eating and drinking. During practising oral care regime, it is advised to clean the aligner as well for ensuring good oral hygiene and health in the long run.

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