What is the .Net Framework? List of the .Net Class Library


What is the .Net Framework? List of the .Net Class Library

Unlike different software frameworks, Microsoft .NET Framework helps several programming languages, including C#, VB.NET, C++, and J#. So the developer can write applications in their preferred programming language.

Still, the developers must know the class libraries included in the framework. The .NET class buildings can be separating into base class libraries (BCL) and framework class libraries (FCL). The .NET programmers also have the advantage of using different generally used portable .NET libraries.

The .NET libraries are software that is produced and examined by others. Along with doing simple to share and expand, these manageable libraries can also be estimated according to the project’s size and conditions. Some of these libraries are distributed by Microsoft, whereas third-party developers share others. So the developer’s requirement uses these portable .NET libraries to build a better and more user-friendly application without writing lengthy and complex code. We are Hire Asp.Net Developer and Hire Asp.Net MVC Developer in the USA to build a .net web Application.

Commonly Used .NET Libraries that Each Developer Should Know About


The ASP.NET developers need Ajax toolkits to produce more interactive web applications. They can use various Ajax frameworks, including Ajax.NET Professional developer, Ajax Control Toolkit, and ASP.net MVC Awesome. AjaxPro allows programmers to perform proxy forms that can be utilized on client-side JavaScript while struggling with web browsers and mobile devices. Both Ajax Control Toolkit and ASP.net MVC Framework Awesome appear among various advanced machines to produce Ajax-enabled web applications more active and interactive. At the same time,


To prevent the users from engaged, the software applications must utilize high-quality maps and graphics. The .NET developers have the choices to use a quality of libraries to produce high-quality charts and graphs. Also, the developers have the advantage of using various third-party charting devices like NPlot and Zed Graph Charting. Others can additionally use a practical graph layout framework called Graph Sharp.

PDF Generator

Nowadays, most software applications produce PDF files to share and diffuse knowledge in a protected and regular way. Several .NET libraries make it more manageable for developers to build high-quality PDF files. The developers can use ITEXT to develop and manage PDF files utilizing an open-source library. Likewise, they can also use PDFSharp to create PDF files from any language approved by .NET through an open-source library.

Build Tools

The ASP.NET web Developer also requires manageable books to increase build time adventure. They have the opportunity to choose from two generally utilized build tools, i.e., Prebuild and Genuilder. The opinions of Rebuilder work automatically when the .NET project is being organized. On the other hand, as an XML-based cross-platform tool, Prebuild assists developers in building project files from different .NET community Tools and Visual Studio.NET.

Data Mapper

The .NET developers have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of data mapping options. But they can regularly use particular data mapper libraries to perform data mapping efficiently. They also can take from several data mappers for .NET, including Auto Mapper, XMLDataMapper, Massive and Dapper. Also, they can utilize Value Injector to establish custom convention-based matching algorithms according to the reference values and target values.

Unit Testing and Automated Web Application Testing

Several libraries support businesses in testing software utilization. The developers can use Watin or Selenium to estimate the ASP.NET applications’ appearance, feel, and performance across various web browsers and tools. Furthermore, they can additionally work unit testing using different libraries, including NUnit, mbUnit, xUnit.net, Rhino Mocks, and TypeMock.Net.

However, while utilizing compact .NET class libraries, the developers must identify that they may not fit all applications. So they must evaluate specific libraries according to the requirements of the project and increase productivity by keeping the right tools.

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