What To Do When A Puncture Happens On The Roads?

Punctures on the road are very common. This incident is possible at any time, and reasons may vary, such as metal debris, damaged tyres, glass, a sharp object like a kerb etc.

Whatever the reason is but, drivers do not like this moment. Punctures are especially irritating when a driver has to reach the destination urgently.

However, you have to change your tyres to start your car again since you cannot wait for support or help for a long time.

Therefore, we have made this blog. This article is all about your possible steps when one of your four tyres is punctured suddenly.

Stop your car in a safe zone:

It is possible you do not feel safe and comfortable while you need to stop your car. But, you have to stop your vehicle by reducing the speed gradually. Driving on the road with a punctured tyre is not a good decision. So, find a safe zone to stop your car.

It is necessary to switch on the hazard lights visible to the traffic if it is night or late evening.

Prepare yourself to change the tyre.

Apply the parking brake before you start to change your tyre. Alternatively, you can use a piece of wood or stone to prevent your vehicle from moving forward unwontedly.

Collect the tools:

When your car is in a safe place and will not move dangerously, you can change the tyre.

Generally, the toolbox includes a screw-jack, wheel spanner to change the Tyres Leicester. Moreover, get a spare tyre with a proper inflation level.

Loosen the wheel nuts:

In this step, you need to loosen the nuts after raising the vehicle on the screw-jack. To do this, you need to follow the instructions given in the owner’s manual.

Removing the punctured tyres:

Jack up your vehicle and then unscrew the wheel nuts completely. Keep them in a safe place and remove the tyre with proper care. Sometimes it is not easy to remove the tyre due to rust. It should become loose if kicked one side hard with your feet after sitting on the ground.

Fitting the spare tyre:

In this step, you have to lift the spare tyre and align it Guest posting sites with the wheel bolts. While your spare tyre seems to fit in the wheel hub perfectly, tighten the nuts and bolts properly by turning them in a clockwise direction.

After that, turn the jack in an anti-clockwise direction to lower your vehicle.

Finally, you have changed your tyre. Now, you can put your tools in the correct place and start your car again to reach a garage to repair your damaged tyre.

If you find these steps difficult or do not know anything about changing tyres, you can call a professional for mobile tyre-fitting LeicesterMobile tyre fitting services are amazing if you need tyre fitting urgently. Whenever you find yourself in trouble because of a punctured or damaged tyre, call a mobile tyre fitter.

You will have an instant response, and they will reach your place as soon as possible. They will resolve the issue and the quality is going to be similar to a high-quality garage. So, changing tyres is easy and affordable with these mobile tyre-fitting services if you rely on a high-grade and authentic mobile fitter. However, you can do it on your own if you are comfortable with the steps described above.

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