10 Best Places To Visit In Hong Kong

Among the world’s most iconic skylines, a historical harbor and storied beyond all come together to culminate in the island town of Hong Kong — a timeless travel destination for people who visit. Here, you will discover the intersection of Chinese and British rule, wide-stretching shores, majestic mountains, and cutting-edge architecture all in the forefront. This hectic metropolis is much more than only a vast city; it is a must-see that supplies a surprising group of charms that will keep you returning for more.

After over half a couple of visits, I have assembled a list of the very best and most gorgeous areas in Hong Kong:

1. Victoria Peak

Setting foot and The Peak, otherwise called Victoria Peak, is the best introduction to Hong Kong’s world-famous bedazzling skyline. With an altitude of 554 m, this can be readily Hong Kong’s tallest mountain.

Best appreciated by heading a tram that takes you away from ground level to the peak of the mountain, so you are going to be hard-pressed to locate a visitor who would not be entirely swept away by the stunning sight before them. Whether you see it in the daytime or beneath the moonlight, the panorama in The Peak is one that you won’t have the ability to forget anytime soon.

2. Lantau Island

Get familiar with the religious side of Hong Kong by taking a day trip out to Lantau Island — a small, isolated island located in several of Hong Kong’s most tranquil scenery. It is here that you will have a cable car passing through the island’s towering mountains over extraordinary heights. When you’re on the island, make sure to visit religious websites like the imposing Tian Tian Buddha, colorful Po Lin Monastery, and tranquil Wisdom Path.

3. Hybrid Construction

The Dragon Construction is a residential complex comprising the Yick Fat, Fook Cheong, Yick Cheong, Montane Mansion, and Oceanic Mansion Buildings. Constructed in the 1960s, Guest posting sites this is one of Hong Kong’s most famous buildings. Its charm comes in the building’s resemblance to some Transformers-like creature of some type. As you stand in the middle of all colorful buildings showcasing distinct colors, it is difficult not to be amazed by just how beautiful the building is.

4. Dragon’s Back

Easily among the most incredible places to see in Hong Kong. That is where Hong Kong’s lush greenery, pretty beaches, and striking mountains all intertwine within this brief and fun hike to the top of Dragon’s Back. Having made its name from the form of the islands resembling a dragon’s spine, this summit is a beautiful place to boost your heartbeat only a little. Your effort will be rewarded with the scenic vista along with Dragon’s Back — comprising undulating green hills and an uninterrupted view of Hong Kong’s shore. Know everything about  Delta Airlines Pet Policy before booking a flight to Hong Kong.

5. Lion Rock

For an accurate view of Hong Kong’s multi-layered, striking skyline, this is where you want to go. Shaped Like a lion’s head, the Lion Rock increase is just another timeless Hong Kong increase that will take you into an unbelievable view of Hong Kong. In addition to its summit, you will have the ability to see the Hong Kong side and Kowloon side of this island in all of its glory. With an altitude of 495 m over sea level, Hong Kong’s towering buildings will seem like little Lego bits from around there.

6. Lamma Island

Who said Hong Kong was about town? Also called Y Island or Pok Liu Chau, Lamma Island gives an idyllic day excursion opportunity for those seeking to get some peace, aside from traffic and noise.

Widely loved because of the chilled-out, hipster vibe, this free-spirited island includes chic cafés, adorable craft shops, and indie boutique stores, in addition to a few of Hong Kong’s most incredible islands scenery. Practically resembling Thailand’s Koh Samui or Malaysia’s Tioman Island, Lamma Island is a Superb Selection for a Fast getaway.

7. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

This underrated gem was impressing people recently with its vivid reddish colors, gold-painted figurines, and 9-story pagoda. Photogenic from each angle, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery was constructed from the 1950s and contained many temples, pavilions, and Buddha statues, which will accompany you every step along the way as you scale upward 430 measures to attain the temple complex.

8. Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery

Very similar to Kyoto’s legendary gold temple, Kinkaku-Ji, the Nan Lian Garden comes with a gold-painted pavilion at the center of a pristine Chinese classical garden. Having a place of over 3.5 hectares, the gardens were created based on Tang Dynasty criteria, also contain rolling hills, water decorations, orange bridges, and other elaborate wooden constructions.

9. Kowloon Walled City Park

As intriguing as it’s aesthetically pleasing, Kowloon Walled City Park is an inner-city oasis with a very well-kept garden, scenic pavilion, and silent pond.

Until the late 1980s, the Kowloon Walled town proved to be a compact group of buildings that became a center for crime and evil in Hong Kong. Those buildings have been demolished and replaced from the town park. Though a few 41,000 residents had dwelt at the small city at its summit, the playground, which stands in its place, offers a calm respite from Hong Kong’s hustle and bustle.

10. Choi Hung Estate Basketball Court

Constructed initially as a member of public housing property, the Choi Hung Estate Basketball Court has gained considerable fame on interpersonal media because of its lively, colorful setting. Featuring the colors of the rainbow, the Choi Hung Estate Basketball Court provides a visual treat for both design connoisseurs. Today, it stands as one of Hong Kong’s most well-known buildings and many unique photography places.

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