Car Window Tint: Saving You From Harmful UV Rays, Here’s How

A window screen acts as a shield to extreme heat or harmful UV rays that can lead to skin irritation and issues. People in the car find it annoying, especially during summers. It is recommended to opt for window tint film for cars, as it protects you against the harsh sun rays. With this, the protective film protects your skin and eyes from scorching heat and also prevents your car from overheating and also increases the durability of the interior accessories.

The list doesn’t end here, this article will brief you about types of window tints and its benefits:

Different Types of Window Tint Films 

The automotive window tint film comes in many options:

  • Dyed window tints 

This is the most common type of tint film. It is a thin and multi-layered film of dyed plastic that is made up of different densities of dye. It has an opaque appearance for your privacy. 

  • Metalized window tints 

Metalized tint films consist of metal microparticles embedded within the layers of film to aid their UV reflection. This tinted film is shinier and the presence of metalized materials makes it scratch-resistant.

  • Hybrid window tints 

This auto window tinting film includes dye and metallic particles. write for us education  The commonly used combination is titanium and grey dye. This combination is neither too dark nor too reflective.

  • Carbon window tints 

The carbon window tints have a unique matte finish that looks attractive. The carbon tint film consists of ultra-reflective carbon particles that won’t fade over time. These particles can block up to 40% of infrared light that makes them heat-reflective and insulating.

  • Ceramic window tints

This tint film contains ceramic particles known for their non conductive properties. It blocks up to 50% of solar heat without hiding visibility. 

  • Crystalline window tints

 The crystalline tints are also called clear tints. These tints are multi-layered and show up a clear appearance and still block UV rays. If you want UV rays protection without losing the outer view, then this tint film is appropriate for you. 

These are the different types of tint films you can attach to your car and protect yourself against harmful UV rays, but before you do that know the benefits.

  • Increases privacy and security 

Tinting protects your car and provides 100% privacy, which doesn’t allow other people to see what’s happening inside the car whether it is parked or in motion. This doesn’t allow the thieves to see through the windows which reduce the chances of theft of your belongings kept inside. So, you will not have to worry if your car is parked in a parking lot for longer hours. 

  • Decreases UV rays exposure 

UV rays can damage your skin and cause irritation. The UV films for car windows stop 99% of the UV rays to enter your car which in turn protects your skin and interiors of the car. The tinting can also prevent the fall of UVA and UVB rays from entering by blocking it. This is helpful for those people who stay in regions where heat remains extreme and for a very long time.

  • Maintains the temperature of the car

Window tints reduce the heat inside your car by 60%. A normal glass without tint can heat up the car during summers, but with a film, it can reduce the heat and helps you to drive comfortably.

The tint film is not only a valuable investment but a safety measure for your health as well. The types and benefits available in this are numerous and each one of them is eligible enough to fulfill your purpose. So, do not procrastinate and get one for your car soon.


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