Is It Essential to Put on Retainer Forever Post Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign Treatment

Usually, Invisalign consumes 12-18 month to straighten the teeth. Once the treatment period is over and you achieve straight smile it is your responsibility to put a hold on it which is why putting on the retainer is given such priority. Retainers hold the teeth to their newly shifted position for the rest of your life.

Any kind of ignorance to it will affect the smile eventually while degrading the overall dental health at the same time. Before you draw a plan to skip this crucial part of teeth straightening treatment read on this blog once to know its significance and consequences of its negligence for your dental health.

Why teeth start moving after popping out the retainer?

Once you are over with Invisalign braces, then it is obvious to feel reluctant for putting on any more oral appliance. But as per orthodontists, it is must for obtaining the maximum impact of the teeth straightening treatment. Otherwise, there is a maximum chance of the teeth to get back to their pre-treatment position.

Although the change in the position of the teeth can’t be prominent initially you can easily notice it after a few weeks. It can be easily understood as primarily the retainer will make you feel slightly discomfort but soon will fit snugly and you get familiar to spend the day with them into your mouth.

But it is obvious for the teeth to slightly shift back to the previous position on removal of the braces for a long period of time or completely stop popping them into your mouth.

It happens due to daily wearing and tearing down of the teeth resulting from speaking, swallowing, chewing and biting. Retainer is specifically made to prevent such occurrences and retain the restored beautiful straight smile in the long run.

Is retainer must after Invisalign treatment?

Yes, putting on the retainer is must post Invisalign treatment. Although teeth shift in a different way with Invisalign than that of the traditional braces yet the outcome will be same. Retainer is go-to option after any sort of teeth straightening treatment.

What should be the expectation post Invisalign braces?

When you are going with Invisalign or have just finished the treatment sphere, teeth barely hold its own position with the help of surrounding jaw bone. It is so; because during teeth Guest posting sites straightening treatment the jawbone gets disappeared or softened, often known as resorption which is why teeth get shifted to their original position.

Once the treatment is over, orthodontic retainer should be put on instead of braces to ensure that teeth get strictly adhered to the newly shifted positions by the occurrence of deposition of new jaw bone. Hence teeth consume about 9-12 months for proper stabilisation.

What should be the expectation after a year of Invisalign?

On completion of a year, enough amount of new bone gets accumulated at the teeth’s root for keeping them stable in the long run. So, in this period you can stop wearing retainers frequently or often for the maintenance of the beautiful straight smile. At that time dentists will recommend wearing of the retainers only for about 3-5 times in 7 days.

Once bone tissue has been regained there is no chance of re-shifting of the teeth again dramatically. Instead, they can slightly shift inward or forward with aging. It is such a subtle change which can be observed overnight and will take several years to notice prominently.

What if the retainer gets lost?

In case the retainer gets lost, you are advised to call your dentist for scheduling an appointment on an urgent basis. Whatever might happen with the retainer, your dentist will provide you with a new one on an earliest to ensure the consistent progress of the orthodontic treatment without any hindrance. At the time of the appointment teeth impression may be taken again for the creation of new retainer.

So, to continue the Invisalign process and it impacts in the long run it is compulsory to wear retainer as per orthodontist’s instruction. Moreover, you will be guided with the time period you need to enjoy your life with it at the same time.

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