What are the major steps to overcome drug addiction?

drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai

Drug is a substance that causes a strange, magical feeling. After using drugs, the addicts feel warm in the lower back, warm the stomach, see the relief and lightness like wavy waves, or see their body fragrant like perfume and pleasure. The association is quick and easy to reproduce. Narcotics can be available naturally as opium, cocaine or semi-synthetic like heroin, or synthetic like amphetamine. They have a special effect on the central nervous system and if used repeatedly, it will lead to drug addiction.

Drug addict is a criminal but also a sick person. Therefore, it should be managed and treated. Drug addiction prevention requires worldwide cooperation and action. In each country, there is a need for coordination of both sectors and the whole community. Relapse treatment and prevention need a special role in the health sector.

The drug problem often drifts into the mixed use of drugs. Predisposing factors include the use of sedatives, alcohol use, or an attempt to replace drug use with sedatives or analgesics. However, prescribing addictive drugs to people with a drug problem should be avoided – except in short-term situations related to the treatment of withdrawal symptoms.

Drug detoxification in the community is increasingly facing many challenges when new types of drugs appear. However, the professional issues and human resources in charge of detoxification have not been given due attention. Private detoxification lacks support that’s why drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai is the better choice as they have the support of professional doctors and physicians.

Currently, in addition to state-owned detoxification facilities, private medical establishments are also encouraged to participate in order to contribute to the return of addicts to their normal lives in the context of increasing drug addiction. However, at the workshop, many representatives of private detoxification facilities said that they encountered many difficulties and received limited support from the State.

Drug problems are often associated with mental disorders, so collaboration between substance abuse and psychiatric care is often necessary. The patient’s mental symptoms, such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, psychoticism, or personality disorder symptoms, should be diagnosed and treated in connection with the treatment of the drug problem.


This stage, the addict is checked for all his health, both physical and mental, by a trained doctor. It is the doctor who decides whether the addict needs to be given certain drugs to reduce the withdrawal symptoms he is suffering from. Drug administration depends on the type of drug and the severity of withdrawal symptoms. In this case doctors need sensitivity, experience, and expertise to detect symptoms of drug addiction.

All victims of drug dependence should be offered treatment or rehabilitation. For treatment, a treatment plan is developed in drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai that defines treatment goals, medical and psychosocial treatment, rehabilitation, and follow-up. Social work plays an important role in, among other things, housing, work and livelihoods. Rehabilitation money can be granted for the duration of substance abuse rehabilitation if substance abuse rehabilitation is based on a rehabilitation plan and it takes place in an institution.

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