Carpet Cleaning Method: Find Out the Best Way for Your Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Method

With so many options to choose from people often get confused to choose the right carpet cleaning method for their type. Some are dedicated to gentle cleaning while some are best to deal with hard and stubborn stains and debris.

Before you decide the best option for your carpet, you must ensure that it not only cleans the carpet thoroughly but also keeps the floor in good condition. By having an extensive discussion on various available options you can get your carpet cleaned like a pro! So, continue reading this blog.

Various carpet cleaning methods

Always go through the pros and cons of each carpet cleaning options so that you can understand the best choice for your carpet type:

  • Steam cleaning or hot water extraction makes use of hot water along highly pressurised wand. The pressure of hot water is enough to dissolve the debris, dust, mud and dirt from the carpet followed by easy extraction. It will fluff up the filthy carpet fibres to provide a soft and cushion-like feeling underfoot.
  • Specific detergents meant for carpet shampooing use plenty of water. If this procedure is accompanied with rotating brush then debris and dirt will get loosened up easily. Fresh water should be used for extracting the shampoo making the carpet free from residues.
  • Specific powder detergent and identical chemicals are used for dry cleaning a carpet. Guest posting sites These are applied accompanying by little water amount. Use a rotating brush to allow the powder penetrates through the fibres. Then use the extraction tool for the removal of detergent filled with debris and dirt and residues completely from the surface of the carpet.
  • Encapsulation or foam carpet cleaning is a must for filthy carpet. Specialty foam application is done to the carpet for the creation of bubble. Soon, the foam will get extended to trap debris and dirt and brings it to the surface of the carpet. Then steam extraction is used for the removal of foam-filled dirt.
  • Bonnet cleaning prefers using a specific cleaning machine for the carpet with a specific type of bonnet or thick towel. It will rub the shampoo and chemical all over the piles with extraction of the debris and dirt.

Which is the best way of carpet cleaning?

Certainly, there isn’t any best carpet cleaning way that suits every carpet and rug type by addressing stains and dirt. Also every cleaning method possesses its respective perks and downlines. Always choose some merits and demerits of the carpet cleaning way so that you will be able to select the right option for your carpet.

  • If you are allergic or sensitive to shampoos and detergents then hot water extraction process is the right choice. Steam will kill certain irritants like mildew, mould, germs and bacteria along sensitive sinuses! But, the water traces should be removed completely post steaming so that it gets ready to entertain foot traffic within a few hours.
  • Stubborn stain can be effectively treated with the help of shampooing hence deems for extensive extraction. Otherwise the detergent residues will become sticky and will trap more and more amount of dirt and dust easily in a short span of time. Hence, the carpet will appear much dirty than ever!
  • Dry cleaning is usually chosen for the busy homes and offices, where additional time devotes to drying up the carpet is unaffordable. You must know that used chemicals and detergents can emit pungent odour and hence proper ventilation is a must! Also it will be the worst option for the people having breathing difficulties and allergies.
  • Removal of the dirt from the surface of the carpet is only possible via bonnet cleaning although it is not an appropriate option for deep cleaning. However, this cleaning method is extremely affordable and fast. It can be the right choice in case you have to wash a light carpet which is matted and filthy as well. You can make the carpet looks at it best at affordable prices with this option.

Mistakes of DIY carpet cleaning services you must avoid

To make sure that the carpet of your home is cleaned safely and extensively always choose a professional cleaner. This is so, because they have the right kind of expertise and training to treat the stubborn and tough stains on the carpet. Also they are known to use the right equipment to clean the carpet without damaging the fibres.

If you prefer DIY cleaning method for your carpet then the following mistakes need to be avoided:

  • During scrubbing or brushing the carpet don’t exert excessive pressure. Insertion of the rotating brush will pull out the fibres of the carpet making it look fuzzy or threadbare.
  • Don’t walk on the wet and damp carpet as it will crush the fibres making the thing looks worn down and flattened out completely.
  • Extract the carpet cleaning foam, detergent, shampoo and chemicals thoroughly. Residual detergent is not only sticky but also possesses the ability for locking and trapping the dirt against the fibres of the carpet. So, you are advised to devote some time for the removal of the cleaning residues from the carpet.
  • During extraction or steam cleaning always prefer fresh water and never rush for carpet cleaning. Let the steam to get penetrated into the carpet fibres for ensuring the removal of detergents completely from the piles of the carpet.
  • Never neglect the necessity of the ventilation post steam cleaning or shampooing. Also ensure that you allow the underneath pad of the carpet to get dried up completely. Inclusion of the ventilation will lessen the probability of mildew and mould development just because of the trapped moisture under the rugs of the home. Otherwise, use dehumidifier or fans for the removal of excessive moisture.

Easiest carpet cleaning hacks

Daily professional shampooing of the carpet is really essential to ensure the cleanliness and pristine of the rugs of your home. Yet a few of the tips you must follow to ensure that the home floor remains in best condition during professional cleaning:

  • Trim the claws and nails of your pet for lessening the dust and dirt to get trapped into the carpet. At the same time, it will eradicate the probability of pulling out of the carpet fibres and threads at the same time. Loose threads allow the debris and dirt to get deep into the piles thereby trimmed nails will lead to clean thorough carpeting.
  • Make a worthy investment by installing air purifier and air filter in the home. It can lock and trap the dirt and dust which will result in airborne diseases. As a result, you will be able to maintain the home hygiene while ensuring the proper cleaning of the carpet as well.
  • Always investigate for the door and window screens of the home. If they have large opening mesh then opt for the small opening mesh screens. This will keep the dirt and dust at bay.
  • Whenever you can spare some time, power wash the exterior part of your home. The accumulation of dust, dirt and debris will promote the growth of airborne disease which will eventually make their way into the home and your carpet piles.
  • Furnace filter must be replaced once a year while cleaning the ductwork of the home professionally. Otherwise, dust and dirt get deposited in the duct flown into the piles of the carpet directly as they are the hotspot of airborne debris and dust.
  • Daily vacuuming never damages the entire carpet! It only removes the dust and dirt which get trapped deeply into the carpet piles resulting in extensive ruining of the rug. Always prefer using powerful vacuum cleaner for best cleaning impact.

Always consider the material, texture and fabric of the carpet before you prefer a perfect carpet cleaning method for your favourite masterpiece. Otherwise, visit this link to hire a professional cleaner to get your carpet cleaned in appropriate manner.

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