How to Get Motivated and Help Ourselves?

motivate yourself

Motivation is now a day, the most important thing for you to keep yourself goal-oriented, energetic, positive, and self-confident.

It is the process that maintains your goal-oriented behaviour by using biological, emotional, and social forces for activation.

Motivation can also be simply described by just one question i.e. Why an individual does something?

You can learn to keep yourself motivated from the Most Trusted Motivational Speaker in india. Motivation blogs for self-help can help you to be motivated and focused on your goals.

Motivation stimulates an individual to attain their goals and targets by keeping them align and focused on the right path towards their goals.

By bringing change in your Mental behaviours, your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions, makes you more productive and efficient than ever. You can make yourself motivated by watching Motivational Blogs for self-help from Most Trusted Motivation Speaker.

Everyone needs motivation mentors, especially in this era of technology. With advancements in technology, stress levels, and mental disorders like depression, anxiety and, stress are also increasing day by day. Technology is also playing a major part in this unproductiveness and increase in stress levels and making teenagers lazy every day. It is keeping people busy always in their own created virtual worlds and making them apart from the real world and loved ones like family and friends. Especially teenagers, nowadays are always busy with their laptops, smartphones and silly gadgets but they don’t have enough time to spend with their family, friends and loved ones. Due to this reason they face many problems, they don’t share their feelings and tension, problems with their known ones which will further make pressure on their brain and thus increasing the chances of depression, demotivation, stress, and anxiety.

But there are many ways to utilize precious time,  technology, and gadgets productively. You can help yourself with Motivational Blogs for self-help from Most Trusted Motivation Speaker.

Methods of self Motivation:

  • Set your future Goals and targets in life, and be Always focused on them. Always try to do more for your goal completion.
  • Work for your goals every day, every month until you are not satisfied with your results.
  • Learn from Self-motivation blogs, video lectures, and articles how to be consistent and fulfill your dreams.
  • Do the work which you love the most, it will create interest for doing more than normal day work. You can start by learning new things which you have an interest in.
  • Don’t care about what other people are thinking and saying for you, just don’t care about toxic people in your life.
  • Always surround yourself with positive friends and intelligent people.
  • Don’t surround yourself with negative people and the ones who demotivate you.
  • Self-talk is also very necessary for inner peace. Meditation will also help in this place.
  • Always watch progress towards your dreams, it will ensure you that you are going in the right way.
  • Learn to chase your dreams with passion and confidence for better results.
  • Self-confidence is also a very important factor for being more productive and be a good learner.
  • Share your feelings and thoughts with your family members and friends for keeping the stress levels low.
  • Exercise daily, as physical activity is also very necessary for mental health and self-confidence building.
  • Do meditation daily, as it will enhance your mental strength, and the power of decision-making will be more clear.

Things that enhance Motivation:-

Here are the few things which help you to keep yourself motivated-

1)         Job Security – Having a good job and a good salary will enhance your motivation levels for sure. Doing the job of your dreams is the most Motivational thing for a person.

2)         Rewards – Giving rewards for your good job or activities is something that makes you more productive and Hardworking. Giving rewards for the Handwork will increase the interest of a person in the same work.

3)         Having Fun – Having a fun time with your family and friends such as vacations,  holiday packages, and family trips will boost your mental strength and will reduce stress levels.

4)         Think less, Work more – Working on your dreams and goals is necessary. Thinking too much about something/someone will make you less productive and less confident.  So just do not care about others but just do your work with dedication.

5)         Social Status – Having good Social Status in society is nowadays important. As everyone feels it is necessary to have a good house, good job, good salary packages, latest technology gadgets, etc. to show off.

6)         Work-life balance – Work-life balance is an important factor. It will manage your timings for work and family equally. One must have enough time for family to spend so that he can share his feelings, thoughts and enjoy family time.

Things which Demotivates you  –

It is necessary to keep in mind, the things which can demotivate you –

1)         No Job Security  – Having a temporary job and a job with less or no security is what can make someone demotivated and less confident. There will always be tension in the mind of the person relating to unemployment and new jobs.

2)         No support from loved ones – If there is no support from any friends or family members, then you might feel demotivated and low in your life. Having no support will make you alone and depressed.

3)         Physical fitness  – The physical appearance of a person means a lot to the person himself as well as to another. An attractive appearance will always be an advantage to the person.

4)         Lack of development & opportunities  – The lack of development and opportunities will further lead to a lack of motivation and can affect the productiveness of an individual.

5)         Not being social – A person who is not social and has very few friends will suffer more from anxiety,  depression, and panic attacks.

6)         No appraisal  – When you are not given appraisal for your good work. Then it will decrease your interest to do the same with more efficiency.

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