Some Frequently Asked Questions About Vacuum Bottle

A vacuum bottle is a storage vessel that keeps the liquid content stored within insulated from the outside world. It lengthens the period of time over which the content inside the bottle remains at the same temperature it was stored in. Vacuum bottles are made of two walls, which contain an air layer between them known as the vacuum. A vacuum bottle, also known as a thermos bottle, is used for keeping hot beverages hot and chilled drinks cold for a long period.

If you are new to vacuum bottles, you might have several questions in mind. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about these bottles.

1. How long does the content inside the bottle remain at the same temperature?

It depends on the quality of the vacuum bottle used. Conventional vacuum flask can retain temperature of the stored liquid for around 6-8 hours. On the other hand, the best vacuum flask can keep the content hot for almost 12 hours. It also depends on the surrounding in which the flask is kept.

 2. What can I store in the vacuum bottle?

You can keep any type of beverage in the vacuum bottle and it will remain at the same temperature for a long time. A few drinks that you can store are tea coffee, milk, water, juice, soup and smoothie.

3. What material is used to make vacuum bottles?

Different materials are used to make vacuum bottles like metals, borosilicate glass, foam, or plastic. The opening stoppers of the flask are made of cork or polyethylene plastics. The metal used is stainless steel, which keeps the content inside the bottle insulated for a long time.

4. How does a thermos bottle work?

A thermos bottle is a double-walled storage vessel in which the air between the two walls is removed while manufacturing. This creates a layer of vacuum between the two walls of the bottle. Heat cannot transfer within the vacuum layer, thus keeping the content of the bottle at the same temperature. 

5. Is it hard to clean vacuum bottles?

It is important to clean the vacuum bottle after every use to keep them germ-free and remove the odour of the liquid that was previously stored in the bottle. The easiest way to clean this bottle is to use a teabag. Put a teabag inside the bottle and fill it with boiling water. Leave the mixture for 6-8 hours. You can also use baking soda or vinegar to clean them.

6. Can I put hot boiling water in the vacuum flask?

Yes, you can put boiling water in the vacuum flask. The inner body of the flask is made of stainless steel, which is capable of bearing temperatures higher than the boiling temperature of water. However, some flasks come with an inner glass lining. The quick change in the temperature can cause it to shatter.

7. Can we use it as a normal water bottle?

Yes, you can use a thermos flask as a normal water bottle to carry to work, school, or any other place. Although it is a little heavier than plastic bottle, it keeps the water cold for a long time. It is good to carry a thermos flask while traveling in summer.

8. What is the average price of vacuum flasks?

Vacuum flasks come in various price ranges and are of different qualities. The lower range flasks, which cost less than INR 500, are of lower quality and there are chances of vacuum leakage. Higher quality flasks cost a bit more but are worth the money spent. These flasks are durable and have comparatively more heat retention capacity.  

9. Does it break when dropped from hand?

Flasks are made of metals like stainless steel. They are less likely to break even if dropped from a height, though the outer cover of the bottle may get dented.

10. Can Vacuum flasks be recycled?

Unlike normal plastic bottles, thermos bottles can be recycled. They are made of metals, which can be crushed and recycled.

Of late, vacuum flasks have beenin vogue. It is more convenient to carry a thermos bottle than to use a normal plastic bottle. Plastic bottles, if used for a long time, can be harmful to use. On the other hand, vacuum flasks can be used for a long period and are stronger than normal plastic bottles.

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