Tips to find Worthful SEO agency in Dubai

If you want to start a successful business anywhere in the world, it has become inevitable to be effectively visible on the search engines. And for that, enhanced SEO is a must for your business. Especially during this post-pandemic situation, most clients or customers are more dependent on the internet nowadays. Dubai is no other exception. So, if you are planning to open or expand your business in this desert city, this article will guide you to look for the right SEO Company in Dubai suitable for your business.

The present SEO awareness in Dubai is relatively higher as compared to the other countries in the Middle East. One of the main reasons behind that is the huge presence of technical manpower and companies from India. As SEO has immense popularity in India, the same has been transferred in this region as well and as a result, SEO awareness has risen in Dubai. The other main reason is Dubai is the technical hub of the Middle East and it has cities with extensive use of the internet. Although SEO awareness has been increased a lot, still there is a lack of understanding about best internet practices in this area. Many users are not aware of black hat or unapproved SEO practices. Whereas, the most vividly used search engine is Google and it approves only the White hat SEO.

Factors to be considered before investing in SEO in Dubai 

Following are a few key factors one needs to consider before optimizing the business website to rank up in the search engines in Dubai. 

  • The size of the audience seeking the seo service in Dubai offered by you. Is the size big enough to call for an SEO investment?
  • Your company has the potential to sell the service or product in Dubai.
  • Either your business is located in Dubai or, you are quite able to provide your service or products in Dubai remotely.
  • Getting SEO results is not like magic to happen overnight. Are you patient enough to do a long-term investment for SEO?

As expected, Google is dominating the search engine scenario in Dubai acquiring more than 95% of the search market. Bing and Yahoo are holding the rest of the share.

Basics of SEO 

Research Keywords

Keyword research is always the foundation for successful SEO in any market just like Dubai. It is essential to figure out the way your customers in Dubai are looking for your services or products on the internet. Google keyword planner is the most effective tool to achieve the same. As Dubai is truly cosmopolitan, so it is wise to target a wide array of keywords relating to your product or service to capture organic traffics from different parts of Dubai.

Keyword Assignment

Once the keyword research is completed, it is equally important to assign the keywords on the existing pages of your website based on relevance. New pages can also be added to the website to assign and accommodate the newly found keywords.

Proper usage of target keywords

Assign the focused keywords within the URL, title, and as well as meta description of each page. It is a good practice to include the name of the target place in the title along with the keywords.


As we know, content is the king. It is also important to maintain the keyword density within a specified limit.

Hope this article gives you the essential tips to implement fruitful SEO and to choose a suitable SEO agency in Dubai


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